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C.D.M.K. can help if:
  • The police want to talk to you

  • You are due in court

  • You have been charged with an offence

  • You have been sent a postal requisition

  • You are up for parole

  • You are being recalled on licence

Police Station

Representation at the police station is free for everyone.

We advise everyone to take legal advice if attending the police station, no matter what.

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Magistrates Court

We are at Milton Keynes Magistrates Court everyday

Going to court is a stressful and worrying experience.

We are at Milton Keynes Court every day, defending clients.

We can help on all matters in the magistrates court.

Crown Court

We defend clients at Crown Courts nationwide

The Crown Court is for more serious matters. Working closely with you and your barrister we mange your case and provide thorough defence and representation at every stage.

Prison & Parole

We support you throughout your sentence, working to release

We can help Sentence Calculations, Nickings (before independent adjudicator).

We can advise and represent you at parole hearings. We can represent and help with moving to open and/or release.

Legal Aid

We have a legal aid contract

Legal Aid is available to many people. Advice is free for everyone at the police station. At court it is means tested. Even if you do not qualify at the magistrates court, you probably will at the crown court. We can help you apply, and ensure that you have accurately listed all your income and outgoings.

About us

Opened in 2008 by Harriett Mather

We are experts in Crime and Prison Law. Opened in 2008 by Harriett Mather, the firm has represented clients in thousands of cases. Raised in Bletchley, Harriett has worked in Milton Keynes for over 20 years. She is dedicated has built a law firm that is dedicated to provide expert advice and representation for all Criminal and Prison law matters, from arrest and police interview through the courts to parole and release. 


In Summary

Why we are here

If you are unfortunate to find yourself in the criminal justice system. You may feel you are alone against the world. The Police, The Crown Prosecution Service, The Courts, Prisons, Local Authority, maybe making accusations, laying charges and building cases against you. They are all well resourced bodies, with thousands of staff and years of experience of law. They have the weight of the state on their side.It can be daunting and frightening. That's where we come in. We are there to balance the scales and stand by your side and to argue your case. In short we make sure your voice is heard.


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Telephone 01908 379225


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